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Tools, Tips & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs


How can CEOs and business leaders navigate and succeed in a complex world? This book was specifically created for entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEOs to be a practical and handy strategy playbook. It radically simplifies strategy development and makes it easy and actionable. This powerful guidebook provides valuable insights as to why leaders get stuck, why most businesses fail and why only a few succeed.


Karthik Siva has distilled 30 years of his wisdom to fit into an easy to read book that can be read in 60 minutes. He has generously shared his valuable and profound perspectives on strategy that can be the vital difference between success and failure; mediocrity and excellence.


It takes only one provocative question to transform a business. This book is unusual as it offers not just one, but 10 profound questions that can jump start any business!

Tools, Tips & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs