The wisdom of world-class heavyweights in the business world, now on your phone.

Think of it as having the most brilliant business minds personally giving you and your team insights and solutions on how to solve your business problems within minutes.

This pocket-sized powerhouse of knowledge and resource is designed for ENTREPRENEURS, ENTREPRENEUR DRIVEN BUSINESSES, ACCELERATORS & INCUBATORS, and UNIVERSITIES who are looking for insights and inspiration on areas such as entrepreneurship, strategy, leadership, branding, innovation, communication, talent, culture, and startup success.




Insights only from the world’s foremost business experts

Unlock the secrets from entrepreneurs, innovators, and management thinkers you admire.

(Very) Practical solutions. Because who needs another textbook?

Business Advisor provides actionable solutions that are immediately applicable to address various pressing business challenges.

On demand expertise

A 24-hour, 365-day access to wisdom and guidance. Think of it as your personal business advisor who provides answers to you whenever you need them.

Resource hub

A vast repository of tools and strategies to elevate your business or institution to new heights.

Stay Updated

Keep abreast of industry trends, market insights, and success stories.


Your Business

Join the league of successful entrepreneurs who have made Business Advisor their secret weapon. Business solutions on the go, whenever you need them.

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Business Advisor

For Institutions

Unlike traditional HR training programmes, Business Advisor enhances talent capabilities in an enjoyable, quick, and cost- effective manner.

Your talent will develop critical, creative, and strategic thinking skills, setting them on a trajectory to lead, innovate, and strategize with unparalleled effectiveness- without having to afford high training expenses or extended downtime.
Taught by the world’s best business leaders, this platform is the gateway for your team to think like a leader, innovator, and strategist.


Expert-Led Training

Immerse your talent in sessions crafted by the world’s foremost business leaders. Gain insights and strategies directly from those who have shaped industries.

Tailored Solutions

Access industry-specific insights and solutions to address challenges unique to your institution through a series of customised sessions.

Short Training Duration

No time for prolonged and tedious training sessions? Rapidly enhance your team’s capabilities with concise and impactful training modules. Invest less time, achieve more.

Affordable Pricing

Experience the full benefits of Business Advisor at less than a fraction of the cost of traditional training programmes.

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