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GEX is an independent and private coalition of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur are the life blood of the global economy contributing 70% of employment, 40% of GDP and 40% of exports of most countries. And entrepreneurs often take big risks without right guidance, skills or knowledge because there is no user manual for Entrepreneurship.

There is so much practical knowledge to gain in the GEX community, both from your peers and from international experts who visit.

I think it’s really important for entrepreneurial companies, which really come in all sizes, to keep the rate of learning very high. The thing that is exciting about GEX is the ability to help entrepreneurial companies learn at an accelerated pace, because that’s how they’re going to keep up with and keep ahead of the competition.


Tom Kelley

Co-founder of IDEO, World renowned expert on Innovation & Design

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Personalised and customised consulting services to drive business transformation.


Come up close and personal with some of the world’s most renowned, iconic and game changing innovators.

Women Entrepreneur Xchange

A platform and forum that honours and provides women entrepreneurs with knowledge and capital to succeed.

Business Advisor

Quick and practical Edutech Solutions Platform for entrepreneurs and their team, accelerators and incubators.

Karthik Siva

Chairman of GEX
World Renowned Strategist
Nation Branding Expert
Advisor to Governments

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GEX Chairman, Karthik Siva is a critically acclaimed and respected international strategy expert, nation branding expert, and mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs.

He had advised governments, blue chip global brands, billionaires and mentored over 1,000 CEOs and startups. His leadership and expertise has been commended by top leaders and entrepreneurs around the world including Nobel prize winner and former Vice President of the USA - Al Gore.

He currently advises and assists business owners and SMEs as they globalise and expand their businesses through strategy, innovation, brand and leadership development.


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GEX has worked with many clients to drive tangible business results, create new paths of growth and build differentiation and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We offer our clients a world-class team comprising hands on CEOs, experts and professionals who have been successful business leaders themselves and know the difference between activities and outcomes.






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