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GEX is an independent and

private coalition of Entrepreneurs.

It was created

by Entrepreneurs,

for Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur are the life blood of the global economy contributing 70% of employment, 40% of GDP and 40% of exports of most countries. And entrepreneurs often take big risks without right guidance, skills or knowledge because there is no user manual for Entrepreneurship.

GEX is a platform and partner dedicated to educating, enhancing and empowering entrepreneurs with the right skillsets, mindsets & toolsets to compete & succeed in the marketplace.


"There is so much in the community around the GEX that you can get practical knowledge from your peers as well as from international experts that come to visit.


I think it's really important for entrepreneurial companies, which really come in all sizes, to keep the rate of learning very high. The thing that is exciting about the GEX is the ability to help entrepreneurial companies in Malaysia learn at an accelerated pace, because that's how they're going to keep up with and keep ahead of the competition."

Jonas Kjellberg Skype Face2Face

Jonas Kjellberg

Co-creator of


Uri Levine Waze Face2Face

Uri Levine

Co-founder of


Face2Face Tom Kelley

Tom Kelley

Co-founder of IDEO

World renowned expert

on Innovation & Design