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GEX offers consulting services to entrepreneurs, CEOs, government agencies and the public sector.

The consulting services include:


Strategy Development

Most businesses and brands need a clear and compelling direction. 

A business without direction is
like a car without a GPS.


The primary goal of Strategy development is to enable a business to build a competitive advantage so that it can survive and win in a complex and uncertain business environment. This is done by clearly defining business priorities so that the entire resources and people of a business get singularly focused in one direction. Most businesses struggle due to either lack of strategy or poor strategy. Strategy Development is the foundation of business success. This is why GEX gives tremendous importance to Strategy Development.


Brand Positioning

Most businesses do not focus on brand building or choose to build brands when it is too late. In todays' world, if you are not a brand, you are a commodity, and you end up fighting purely on price. This makes the products and services of any business less valuable.


The purpose of brand positioning is to create a strong and competitive differentiation in the market place. Most businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises experience low margins and weak customer preference. This is mostly caused by the lack of a clear and competitive Brand Positioning. Most businesses can lift their bottom line and customer preference when they invest in positioning their brands.


Business Model &

Roadmap Development

Most businesses do not have a robust business model or road map. This is why they fail or become irrelevant. A business model is a system that enables a firm to capture value from and deliver value to its customers. When a business is unclear about its business model or uses an outdated business model, it ends up facing an existential crises. Similarly - A business road map is very crucial for any business becauseit outlines how a business seeks to achieve its goals and what resources are going to be required. A business road map makes a strategy real and tangible.


At GEX, we do not just stop with Strategy Development, but we work with our clients to also develop a robust and viable business model and road map as well.


Brand Identity


Brand and Corporate Identity development are very important as they define how a business or brand is perceived. This involves developing or refreshing logos and identities that align with the strategic direction of a business or brand or Govt entity. An identity can differentiate a business through its products, services, environment and people.


Organisation Culture &

Performance Management

The culture of a business is a crucial source of competitive advantage, differentiation and innovation. GEX believes that a business culture needs to be integrated with a powerful competency model to make it tangible and objective.


GEX uses a three step strategy called - Know it ; Own it and Live it to enable businesses to create the building blocks of a robust culture. The purpose of building a strong business culture is to enable all the employees of a firm to be aligned around the values and strategic direction of the firm.


Performance and Talent Management is yet another area GEX focuses on to enables businesses to diagnose, manage and raise the quality of its people and business effectiveness. GEX incorporates workforce planning, organisation design, talent pulsing and analytics in developing performance and talent management strategies for its clients.


Leadership & Innovation Skill

Development Programme

Most businesses successfully compete and differentiate themselves only when their management and leadership teams are empowered and equipped with leadership and innovation skills. GEX trains and mentors CEOs and senior talent with the latest leadership and innovation tools, methodologies, strategies and case studies so that business leaders are able to raise their performance and get future ready.


Digital Adoption &

Digital Transformation

GEX enables businesses to begin and enhance their digital journey for their organisation. In a world that is rapidly changing with quickly evolving consumer experiences, adopting and enhancing various digital technologies are critical to businesses. Often businesses are confused and paralysed in understanding their needs and the struggle to begin their digital journey whether they have partly or fully digitised their operations and processes.


GEX empowers business to begin and adopt digitisation of their operations so that they transform into a highly adaptive, scalable and globalised business.  

Our Clients

GEX has worked with several clients to produce dramatic results over the last 7 years. We have enabled our clients to achieve the following tangible goals and outcomes. 

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