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Startup Secrets


A practical and powerful guidebook for new and young entrepreneurs.




Startup Secrets is a simple and practical guide for new and young entrepreneurs.


The journey of an entrepreneur is uncertain, choppy and fraught with risks. At the same time it is exciting and inspiring. This is because the temptation of future glory and success are seductive. Most new entrepreneurs are driven by optimism and as a result have a propensity to underestimate the risks involved and overestimate the odds of success. I have mentored entrepreneurs and CEOs for nearly 30 years - what I have observed is this:


Entrepreneurs that consistently succeed are grounded and make market reality their best friend. They look at everything from the customers’ perspective. They know that their business has a chance to succeed only when the customers are excited by what they have to offer.


Startup Secrets provides an actionable formula for entrepreneurs  to create the building blocks of success.  So strap on your buckle and get ready for the greatest journey of your life!

Startup Secrets